JCK Cannabiz Industrial Park, The First In Asia to Drive Thailand as The Cannabis Hub of Asia

JCK Cannabiz Industrial Park, The First In Asia to Drive Thailand as The Cannabis Hub of Asia

Mr.Apichai Taechaubol says, Since 2018, Thailand has legalized Medical Marijuana. In June 2022, Thailand again became the first country in Asia to decriminalize marijuana and made it accessible to everyone by allowing home growing purposes. This is a great opportunity for Thailand to establish Cannabis as the new economic cash crop for the country.

It is projected that global legal cannabis market has a value of over US$103 billion in 2024. In Asia, the medical cannabis market value is estimated at US$5.8 billion, and Thailand alone has market value of over US$661 million; being third to China and Japan where the population in these countries are much larger.

With the government’s decriminalization policy on cannabis, the country’s tropical climate, the ample amount of sunlight and the affordable agricultural and manufacturing costs makes Thailand an ideal country that attracts the interest from investors locally and internationally.

JCK International has recognized the importance of the government policies, creating a new Cannabis Industrial Estate to accelerate the growth by becoming the economic

transformation engine for our country. JCK International, with expertise in industrial estate development, has teamed up with leading multinational companies to create JCK CANNABIZ INDUSTRIAL PARK to create a full cannabis ecosystem, the first and only in Asia. In the first phase, JCK International has invested 2.5 billion Baht, with total industrial park area of 160,000 sqm and a completed industrial building space of 62,000 sqm immediately available for international companies and investors in the development of cannabis genetics, indoor agriculture, innovative extraction technologies, and the development of international quality cannabis products.

JCK Cannabiz Industrial Park, The First In Asia to Drive Thailand as The Cannabis Hub of Asia

JCK International PLC had made an investment in Bienestar T&N Co., Ltd, a company with a registered capital of 200 million Baht, buying 22% share of the company. The investment is made to capitalize on Bienestar’s expertise in growing medical cannabis in Thailand, having MOUs established with Institute of Dermatology under Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Buriram and Nang Rong Hospital under the Permanent Secretary office of The Ministry of Public Health with quota of over 70,000 plants per year. Bienestar has various cannabis licenses from cultivation, import, possession, sale and pre-approved construction of the extraction facility; these are important foundations necessary for success.

In addition, JCK International is partnering with and Bienestar T&N Co., Ltd., to attract collaborations from cannabis companies in the Netherlands such as Cannabizta BV

(Turnkey Specialist in Cannabis Industry), Bosman Van Zaal (automated growing facilities and systems), Delphy (the horticulture experts with international networks), Paradise Seeds (world leading seed bank in the Netherlands) and Global Factories (leading pharmacy automation). Furthermore, we also collaborate with Amara Asia Co., Ltd. and Zelios International from USA, in the cultivation of high-quality cannabis and extracts, at JCK Cannabiz Industrial Park 2 in Special Economic Zone of Nakorn Pranom Province. The indoor and outdoor growing facilities has total area of 1,500 Rai (593 acres), ready to cultivate, manufacture and supply high quality products and extracts to medical, cosmeceutical, food, beverage, and wellness businesses with market value of hundreds of billion Baht.

Through the investment and partnerships, JCK International is confident that it will be able to generate revenue in the first quarter of 2023, with value of more than 2 billion Baht. The key success to JCK Cannabiz Industrial Park, is to set new quality standard benchmarks in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and manufacture for Thailand. Not only for local market consumptions but also for exports to other markets; supports medical tourists targets and becomes an important economic crop which drives Thailand to become The Cannabis Hub of Asia.