TFD Industrial Estate 2

After having kicked-off the TFD Industrial Estate 1 until meet achievement, TFD gladly presents our new expansion in the name of "TFD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE 2" locating in the designated area of the "Eastern Economic Corridor," a pilot project for the economic development of Thailand's Eastern Seaboard.


Chachoengsao Province

Situating at the junction road between the Highway no.7 (Motorway Km.43) and the Highway no.314, Tha-saan sub-district and Bangwau sub-district, Bangpakong district


Design Concept :

TFD Industrial Estate 2 is total area 833 - 1 - 05.4 rais with alternative plots for the General Industrial Zone (GIZ) and Free Zone to match users in using. We also provide the industrial environment utilities and services to fulfill customers' manufacturing plants. With our promise, we are looking forward to assisting our clients in investing and optimizing their needs with most satisfaction.

Project Size :
Total Land Area 833 - 1 - 05.4 Rais
Industrial Area 619 - 0 - 41.6 Rais
Infrastructure Area 129 - 2 - 55.5 Rais
Green Area 84 - 2 - 08.3 Rais


  • Receive the raw water supply from the East Water
  • Standard of water supply provided in plants is 3.85 cubic metre / rai / day
  • Producing the water supply by the estate with a total capacity of 2,800 cubic metre / day
  • Use the Ultra Filtration System (UF) in producing water supply to the estate
  • 80% of waste water treatment producing for water consumption
  • Perform the waste water treatment by the estate
  • Produce water supply by the estate with the total capacity of 2,200 cubic metre / day
  • Use "Activated sludge (AS)" system for waste water treatment within the common area of the estate
  • Prescribe the limitation of the waste water treatment's quality not beyond the standard prior to run to the common system
  • Locate fire department connections for each 150 metres of streets
  • Provide a 4000-litre fire engine to use at the site
  • 10 rais owned by TFD are converted as the area of electricity sub-stations to use within the estate
  • Electricity sub-stations with 115/22 kv provided by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
  • TOT and others service providers (if have) shall provide telephone lines and internet
  • Main road- Total of width for main road comprising of 35 metres with 14-metre single carriageway
  • Minor road- Total of width for main road comprising of 30 metres with 14-metre single carriageway
  • Provide 4 retention basins with the total of 172,611 cubic metres for protection of stormwater runoff within the estate
  • Fill additional soils at the selling area
  • Garbages shall be responsible by the municipality
  • Harzardous waste shall be removed and disposed by companies approved and certified by the authorities.


40 Km.
Suvarnabhumi Airport
59 Km.
Bangkok Port Bangkok
69 Km.
Laem Chabang Port Chon Buri
114 Km.
U-Tapao International Airport Chon Buri
126 Km.
Mab Ta Phut Port Rayong

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